gdb with librdbg support

Nickolay Kolchin nbkolchin at
Thu Feb 15 13:10:30 UTC 2007


Where I can get GDB with librdbg support? All gdb versions on (4.18, 5.2) are build for powerpc-rtems, not
powerpc-RTEMS. So, commands from librdbg manual (setrpcmode,
setdaemontype, target rtems) don't work.

Building GDB from sources (5.2.1 with all Patches applied), fails on
configure stage:

Invalid configuration `powerpc-RTEMS': system `RTEMS' not recognized
Unrecognized target system name powerpc-RTEMS.

Afaik, no rgbd patches for GDB 6.x exist.

So, how librdbg can be used?


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