timer_settime doesn't fill siginfo_t

Patricia Lopez-Cueva Patricia.Lopez-Cueva at scisys.co.uk
Tue Feb 27 16:33:25 UTC 2007

Hi all.


I'm programming an application that uses Posix timers in rtems.  I have
to pass to the signal handler information so I have to use SA_SIGINFO
and put the information in the sigevent structure. 

The problem is that when the handler is called and I access to the
siginfo_t parameter and in the si_value.sival_ptr the information I
store is not there.


Following it is included the code:


        struct sigevent t_Evp;

        struct sigaction t_SigAction;


        /* Initialise signal handler */


        t_SigAction.sa_flags = SA_SIGINFO;

        t_SigAction.sa_sigaction = &SignalHandler;

        if (0 != sigaction(SIGUSR1, &t_SigAction, NULL))


                ERROR("Failed to install signal handler using

                return G_STATUS_FAILURE;



        /* Create timer */

        DEBUG("Creating POSIX timer\n");

        t_Evp.sigev_notify = SIGEV_SIGNAL;

        t_Evp.sigev_signo = SIGUSR1;

        t_Evp.sigev_value.sival_ptr = &pt_Timer;

        if (0 != (i_Status = timer_create(CLOCK_REALTIME, &t_Evp,


                ERROR("Failed to create timer using timer_create\n");

                switch (errno)


                        case EAGAIN:

                                ERROR("EAGAIN: Lacked necessary
resources or too many timers\n");


                        case EINVAL:

                                ERROR("EINVAL: Invalid attributes or
clock id\n");



                                ERROR1("Unknown error = %d\n", errno);


                errno = 0;

                return G_STATUS_FAILURE;



static void SignalHandler(

        int             i_Signo,

        siginfo_t * pt_Info,

        void *          pv_Context);


Is there any error in the code? Someone knows why it happens?


Many thanks




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