Avoiding (mini) IMFS and libio

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com
Thu Feb 15 14:48:03 UTC 2007

Ingolf Steinbach wrote:
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> Hi,
> is there a simple way to avoid pulling in mini IMFS and libio
> related library components? I am using RTEMS 4.6 on leon2, and
> I need neither file system nor file descriptor based I/O (stdin,
> stdout, and stderr are not used) nor standard FILE based I/O.
> - From the link map, I have seen that nevertheless, IMFS_*, memfile_*
> open(), fopen(), ... are pulled in and use up memory resources.
You have hit on one of my pet projects that no one has yet stepped forward
to sponsor.  This is a reasonable requirement that some applications need.
I would like to see this as a configure time option. 

Another similar configure time option is to disable the shutdown/exit code.
Many applications do not intend to ever be shutdown -- the CPU just gets
reset or powered off.

Together these two options would (1) reduce code space and (2)  eliminate
code that has to be reviewed.

I was starting to think of how to publicize a list of projects that need 
to be
done and need sponsorship so they can be done.  These two are on this list.
The idea is that publicizing the "wish list" would let organizations solely
sponsor or team to sponsor something on the list.

If you or anyone else on the list is interested in this as a configure 
time option,
please email me and I will put together a work package that can be 

FWIW the wish list includes other ideas on tailoring RTEMS to reduce code
footprint and by implication, the amount of source code that has to be 
for any type of safety or flight validation.

> Cheers
>     Ingolf
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