GDB Stubs for PowerPC BSP with old-exceptions

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at
Tue Feb 20 18:16:31 UTC 2007


Robert S. Grimes schrieb:
>   4. The previous point hints at a bigger issue that should be resolved
> - that is, how to handle the variability in the FPGA configurations
> that, while similar enough in function that one might reasonably expect
> the BSP to work with, still varies from my configuration in important
> details.  For example, at what offset does the interrupt controller or
> the serial port live.  I had problems with this when getting up to
> speed.  The Xilinx tools generate a header file (xparameters.h) that
> contains this sort of information, and gets us part of the way there,
> but even that might not be enough.  For example, I don't like the
> default names the tools use for peripherals, so the constants end up
> with different names.  Another example is serial ports; if you have more
> than one, how does the BSP know which one is to be the console port? 
> I'm thinking some sort of configuration file is the answer, but I'm not
> sure where to put it in the hierarchy.  This gets particularly tricky
> when you consider the official RTEMS tree vs. any user's source control
> choices.  I'm using Subversion ( and a "vendor
> drop" approach, which makes it easy for me to deal with this, but I
> would not want to force others to do the same. 

I think it will not be so hard to support different MAC implementations
in the same BSP (family). But this is a smaller issue for now, I would

Getting the BSP licensing clean would also be an issue before commiting.

Using "xparameters.h" or something similar should be a feasible way to
adapt the BSP to the individual implementations. I think it is NOT
neccesary to allow ANY adaptation automatically, it would be nice to
have the possibility to handle the most common once (number of

RTEMS has the "", which allows also to apply customizations
to a given BSP, maybe this would be a vehicle to make the BSP as generic
as possible.

And: Having ANY BSP is better than to start totally from scratch :-)

I have a ML403 board and the EDK. Until now I have played around with it
a little, but did not do serious stuff (but I have worked with FPGAs

If you could give me:

- a suitable Xilinx system configuration (memory map etc)
- the BSP stuff you are using now
- maybe some hints on how to use all this together

then I would:

- document what went wrong during my test drive (which might result in a
good "getting started" documentation for others)
- try to get the BSP running on my board
- transition the exception handling model from old to new, if you like
- try to fix your "auto*" stuff


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