Named Pipes in RTEMS (mkfifo type)?

Amalaye Oyake amalaye.oyake at
Wed Feb 21 23:46:49 UTC 2007

What is the status of named pipes (of the mkfifo flavor) in RTEMS. I see the
mkfifo code, but the RTEMS documentation is loaded with preamble warning
about its current status ... the docs seem to be dated 2003, so I must ask -
What is the current status of mkfifo? Are FIFOs implemented? Can I create
UNIX flavor file system named pipes in RTEMS?


{RTEMS documentation says} RTEMS supports many of the process and user/group
oriented services in a "single user/single process" manner. This means that
although these services may be of limited usefulness or functionality, they
are provided and do work in a coherent manner. This is significant when
porting existing code from UNIX to RTEMS.
-  Implementation
-  The current implementation of dup() is insufficient.
-  FIFOs mkfifo() are not currently implemented. ***
-  Asynchronous IO is not implemented.
-  The flockfile() family is not implemented
-  getc/putc unlocked family is not implemented
-  Shared Memory is not implemented
-  Mapped Memory is not implemented

-  For Shared Memory and Mapped Memory services, it is unclear what
   level of support is appropriate and possible for RTEMS.
-  Functional Testing
-  Tests for unimplemented services
-  Performance Testing
-  There are no POSIX Performance Tests.
-  Documentation
-  Many of the service description pages are not complete in this manual. 

These need to be completed and information added to the background and
operations sections.
-  Example programs (not just tests) would be very nice.

5.4.2 Make a FIFO Special File
mkfifo(), Function, Untested Implementation
NOTE: mkfifo() is implemented but no filesystem supports FIFOs.

4.4.17 mkfifo - Makes a FIFO special file . . . . . . . . . . . . . 83


{Source code search says}

~/RTEMS/rtems-$ find ./ -iname '*.c' -exec grep -i mkfifo {} \;

  puts("mkfifo /c/my_dir" );
  status = mkfifo( "/c/my_dir", S_IRWXU );
 *  mkfifo() - POSIX 1003.1b 5.4.1 - Make a FIFO Special File
 *  $Id: mkfifo.c,v 1.4 2003/09/04 18:54:13 joel Exp $
int mkfifo(


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