no-*.rel files

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Mon Feb 26 12:25:16 UTC 2007

Leon Pollak wrote:
> Hello.
> I linked hello.exe application twice:
>  - in a standard way, with all no-*.rel files
>  - without them.
> I expected to receive executable significantly smaller in the first case, but 
> they differed only in 2K and the second (!?) was smaller.
> Please, what is the purpose of these no-*.rel files?
Long long ago, the .rel files were a size improvement because all 
functions in a manager
were in a single file.  In that long ago world, initializing the manager 
would result in
all manager services being linked in.  It looks like the file split 
occurred in May 1999.

Now they ensure that you get an error returned if you try to call a 
service for a manager
that is forbidden on your project.

Your report confirms a hunch I had that the linker does a great job of 
leaving pieces
out and that they no longer serve any sizing purpose.

It would be worth discussing removing them in 4.8.

> Thanks.

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