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Thu Jan 4 20:30:48 UTC 2007

I am  bit confused with the following mapfile entry. 

                0x0318b891      0x66f o-optimize/netcom.o
                                0x6e4 (size before relaxing)
                0x00000000        0x2 o-optimize/misc.o
                0x0318bf00       0x9e o-optimize/desk.o
                0x0318bf9e      0x3d3 o-optimize/aspfunc.o
                                0x3f8 (size before relaxing)

Having built an application with rtems-4.7 I cannot
opjcopy the created .exe into a binary that is nearly
as small as I expected. (50MB -> 700kB)

The code will be running at 0x03100000. But there
seems to be some object beeing used at 0x0 so that
objcopy fills the gap with 50MB of zeros. 

I was wondering about the rodata.str1.1 section having
adress 0x0 as the link-address (might be merged constants). 

Can someone give me a hint on how to get rid of the unneeded
symbols so objcopy can generate an appropriate binary ? 

$(CC) ... -fno-merge-constants does not help because any 
           contributed library had to be recompiled)

OUTPUT_FORMAT (binary) in fact produces a running binary 
           - but I like to keep always a disassemble which 
             itself needs the symbols for objdump. 

Happy new year, 
kind regards: 

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