Problem with clock setting

Lars Törnkvist lars.tornkvist at
Fri Jan 19 11:47:09 UTC 2007


Recently we started using the clock manager. When we set the clock forward in time a peculiar thing happen, the system will "freeze" for a while and then start working again. The time it freezes is direct linear to the amount of time we step forward, for each hour there will be about 30 seconds of "freezing". Since the clock is correct after the "freeze" period (the 30 secs hasn't disappeared) RTEMS obviously doesn't freeze, the system just becomes unresponsive. 

Is this the way its supposed to be or have we done something wrong or forgotten something? Is there a way to avoid this "freeze" thing?

We are running RTEMS 4.6.6 on a Coldfire system and it works fine otherwise.

Thankful for any help on this.


Lars Törnkvist
Solid Software AB

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