Checking for 4.6.6 or 4.6.5

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at
Tue Jan 2 13:40:40 UTC 2007


> > Is there any way how we can check in our code whether we 
> build against RTEMS
> > 4.6.6 or 4.6.5? I can check major and minor versions but I 
> can't find a
> > define for the third digit.
> 1. RTEMS is supposed to be API compatible within one series of
> "MAJOR-MINOR" releases. The 3rd digit should not be of any 
> significance.

Ok, but what about for example bugzilla 1203, if you fix this in the 4.6
product it will be an API change which means we have to be aware of it in
our code.

> 2. Such a define exists: __RTEMS_REVISION__
> Unfortunately, it seems to be broken in all current versions of RTEMS
> (I'd guess, probably nobody has used it for many years, which 
> had cause
> this problem to slip through unnoticed ;))

This is what I needed but bad it is broken, hopefully this can be repaired

> 3. You should be aware that target characteristics/features can vary
> depending on compilation flags (i.e. can vary for different 
> variants of
> the same target within of the same release, e.g. between different
> multilibs of a target), toolchain component versions and many more
> factors => Version numbers, in general, are of very limited use.

Yes, we know, but someway we have to support/use all these variations in
ACE/TAO and then we are using posix defines, our defines and version checks.


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