help! about the rtems4.50

mao ye ym.uestc at
Thu Jun 14 02:30:19 UTC 2007

I meet some troubles about the rtems4.50.
When I complie the rtems4.50,there are some errors.:

1,cpu_asm.S:169:error:absolute expression required 'li'
2,cpu_asm.S:348:error:opcode not supported on this processer:mips1(mips1)
'dmfc0 &8,&14'
3,cpu_asm.S:458:error:unrecognized opcode 'sreg $2,2*R_SZ($29)'

I want to know :

1,how can I solve these?

2,and why ?

3,what is the orion mean in the mips64orion?

4,what is the function of cpu_asm.s?

please help me! thanks!

ye mao
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