Problems initializing network on mcf5235BCC

CWolfe at CWolfe at
Fri Jun 29 17:12:42 UTC 2007

A heads up/update.... 
Soheilla discovered a flaw in the initialization code in the bsp ....
the starts.s file needs to enable the second sram port so the fec can access it.....

IAW the RM's chapter/section 6.2 
to enable the 2nd sram port, include the following in start.s in the bsp folder (recompile of 
rtems,etc. will be required)

    move.l  #0x20000201, d0 
    move.l   d0,(0x40000008)      | set up 2nd RAMBAR to make 2nd port avail to FEC   

this allows the fec initialization code to complete. 
whether or not it is initializing properly is unknown just yet, but i think it's probably a safe bet.
now I have to get the webserver running, but I don't forsee too many complications there....

This also explains why alan was able to get them working with gdb and why Mike Bertosh 
never discovered the problem... the initialization code for gdb initializes those sram ports 

thanks both for your immeasurable help 
Christopher Wolfe

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