Cannot find entry symbol _start

Feng Wang fengwang.emb at
Sat Jun 9 05:59:57 UTC 2007

2007/6/8, Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at>:
> Feng Wang wrote:
> > Hi, all
> >
> > I'm a newbie to rtems and want to build toolset for sparc target from
> > source codes. As rtems 4.6.5 on-line documents say,  I download souce
> > codes, patch diff files, configure, make and install. All are
> > successful. But when I used the installed compiler, got a warning
> > "cannot find entry symbol _start" and link error "undefined reference
> > to `_exit'"
> >
> > Do I miss something?
> >
> >
> >
> RTEMS is a run-time library that you link with your code to get
> (in this case) a statically linked executable.  I see no indication that
> you compiled, configured or linked with RTEMS.
> See
> Build RTEMS and you should have an executable you can run.
> Remember the sis BSP is for the erc32 simulator in gdb and
> erc32 is for real hardware or tsim.

Joel, thanks for your kind help.
In fact I installed RTEMS from source codes, but I didn't know if
should link and how to link when compiling. Referring to the Makefiles
in samples, I find a way to link with RTEMS and my test case works

> Why did you go with RTEMS 4.6.5 and not 4.6.6 or even better 4.7?
> And if you are on Redhat 9, why didn't you just use our RPMs?
I'm more interested in the compiler on RTEMS. So any steady version
will be ok. And RPMs system seems too complex to control. One command
can do lots of things. Too wiered to understand for me :-)

Thanks again,
Feng Wang

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