LPC214x's BSP for RTEMS

ray xr at trasin.net
Mon Jun 11 16:16:57 UTC 2007

>>dave madden wrote:
>>>>>>> "RXU" == ray  <xr at trasin.net> writes:
>>     RXU> Hi Joel and I had made some changes in RTEMS CVS.  The
>>     RXU> current rtl22xx BSP need 7K bss/data for hello. If you change
>>     RXU> the definition for stack size(RTEMS_MINIMUM_STACK_SIZE)from
>>     RXU> 4K to 1K. You can also save some memory.  Hope you can put
>>     RXU> RTEMS into you lpc214x board.
>> Hi Ray.
>> I had some free time, so I copied the rtl22xx BSP and started hacking
>> on it.  I got it to boot and prink() some messages, but it dies in
>> rtems_termios_initialize with error 5.  I'm not very familiar with GDB
>> remote debugging, so it's hard for me to move around efficiently, but
>> I think it was trying to allocate a semaphore when it failed.
>You have to configure the number of each type of RTEMS object
>you want.  You didn't configure any semaphores and probably
>didn't link in  the semaphore manager either.
>But the bigger question is.. is Ray using the termios console
>driver?  I thought he was only using printk() and avoiding the
>full featured console device driver and the termios subsystem

The CVS version rtl22xx used the termios console driver (a bit fat for lpc214x :P ) , my formater got 512K SRAM. I discard it only on my local files.

Set the pretasking_hook and postdriver_hook to NULL if you do not want to use libc/imfs. Libc&Imfs is a little big for 32K SRAM systems.

>> Is there a way to get GDB's "next" and "step" commands to use hardware
>> breakpoints by default?  That would make my life *much* easier!
>> (Can't use normal breakpoints because the code is in flash.  Also,
>> there are only 2 hardware breakpoints...talk about tedious!)
>This is for someone else.
>> If you're interested, I can send what I've done.  Mostly, I adjusted
>> the linker script and startup code to reflect the 2148 memory map.
>When it works, I would like to see another BSP merged.
>If the hardware is close enough, you might be able to
>share a BSP and use a "variant" to change compile time
>> Regards,
>> dave madden
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