non-FP tasks

Till Straumann strauman at
Tue Jun 12 16:34:28 UTC 2007

For a long time I have been patching newlib
so that it dynamically switches to vfiprintf
when executed by a non-FP task.

The patch also addresses setjmp/longjmp
(only saves/restores FP regs for FP tasks).

Finally, the patch also addresses altivec.

However: the patch addresses PPC only ATM.

-- Till

PS: originally created for newlib-1.13 but I
have used it on later versions, too.

Kate Feng wrote:
> rtems_bsdnet_newproc() generated tasks are non-FP.  However,
> 1) The networkDaemon in cpukit/libnetworking/rtems calls
> 'sprintf' for arpint, which eventually will cause FP unavailable
> exception if network driver are built with -msoft-float.
> Suggestion ?
> 2) Network drivers use printk, rtems_panic, and printf,
> which are all currently compiled using the FP registers
> under all  4.6 and 4.7.  How about having printk compiled
> with -msoft-float since it could be called from ISR ?
> Can this be implemented in 4.7.x ?
> Regards,
> Kate
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