Problems initializing Network driver on MCF5235 Coldfire

Alan Cudmore Alan.P.Cudmore at
Tue Jun 26 17:53:05 UTC 2007


How are you loading your RTEMS code on this board?

I have the same board, and I can run all of my RTEMS demos on it when  
I load via BDM.

I have the following setup:
- RTEMS 4.7
- GCC 4.1.1 tools for the Coldfire ( Linux RPMS from RTEMS site )
- GDB with RTEMS and BDM patches
- unmodified mcf5235 BSP

All of my code works when I download it into RAM using GDB over the  
BDM connection.
When I load an RTEMS program into flash and boot directly to that  
( using the jumper to disable the Dbug monitor ), the non-network  
programs work fine, but the network demos die exactly how you describe.

Also, downloading code into RAM using TFTP does not work for me ( not  
even the RTEMS hello example )

Because I would like to be able to boot my RTEMS apps from flash, but  
I dont want to keep the code in flash, I will either:
- modify the BSP startup to copy code from flash to RAM , or
- make a small bootstrap program to copy an RTEMS RAM image from  
Hopefully the network demos will work for that.


On Jun 21, 2007, at 7:44 PM, Chris Johns wrote:

> CWolfe at wrote:
>> On 21 Jun 2007 at 9:55, Joel Sherrill wrote:
>> this has been done. I have also added debugging staterments inside  
>> most of the functions in
>> rtems_glue.c that pertain to network initialization.....
>> I would assume that the problem exists only either the BSP or in  
>> my code, and not in the
>> rtems code, but i'm a bit lost in tracking the problem's origin.
> I would agree with this.
> A simple test is to find the bit of code that unmasks the  
> interrupts for the
> FEC and comment it out. If the board does not crash it would seem  
> the handler
> is the cause. It will not work but that is next.
>>> There are two tasks and a couple of interrupt_handler's in the  
>>> driver.
>>> You need to know which of them runs.
>> i will add some more debugging statements and try to find out......
> Is it possible to get a BDM gdb debugger working on your board ?
> If you could it would make things simpler to debug.
> Regards
> Chris
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