Modelling and Autocoding tool for RTEMS over OSAL

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Wed Jun 27 14:37:03 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I have been working adapting an Open Source Graphical Modelling Tool 
(dubbed EDROOM) to work with RTEMS. This tool is inspired on ROOM and UML2 
metholodogies and provides facilities for modelling real-time systems 
using the OO paradigm. 
The tool lets the designer to describe the structure, communication and 
behaviour of the RT system by using diagrams, having both, the behaviour 
and the structure several levels of definition.
The tool integrates an automatic Embedded C++ compliant code generator 
working over several operating systems, such as, Linux, Win32, CMX, and 
now also RTEMS. This generator is supported over the EDROOM Service 
Library which shall be ported for each OS.

I thought to implement this service library over POSIX, but then I finally 
ported it over the OSAL Abstraction Layer.

Due to that work, some functionality has been added to the OSAL layer and 
also some bugs has been corrected for the RTEMS and Linux implementations. 
I also added a graphical user configuration interface to configure the 
OSAL and the operating system bellow and to easily add applications to be 
run on top of it.

I do not have yet web space to upload all this code and also some cleaning 
up is needed but if someone is interesting do not hesitate to contact me 
and i will send it.


Aitor Viana Sánchez

ESA - European Space Technology Centre (ESTEC)
TEC-EDD - Data Handling and Computing Section
ESA/ESTEC P.O. Box 299 / 2200AG Noordwijk ZH, The Netherlands
Tel (+31) 71 565 6727
Email: aitor.viana.sanchez at
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