Task protection using ARM9

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at embedded-brains.de
Fri Jun 29 16:04:45 UTC 2007


I would guess that adding sort of a protection layer (which should
include memory protection and others) would make the interaction between
various RTEMS and application modules much slower and complicated.

Maybe you might split your application differently: Wouldn't it be
possible to have two totally distinct applications, which are, let's
say, booted separatedly from Flash or CF disc?

One would be FAA approved for the flight level, and for data retrival,
you might switch to the other application which includes the USB stack?


Charles Steaderman schrieb:
> I am working on developing an avionics application using an Atmel ARM9
> CPU. Part of the functionality of the application will be developed and
> verified to FAA Level C (core data collection and storage), while other
> aspects of the application (ground based I/O via USB) would not require
> certification. A primary reason for not wanting to certify the ground
> based code is to avoid certifying the USB stack. I know that RTEMS does
> not presently provide task level execution and access privilege
> management, but my questions are:
>    1. Is it reasonable to add this capability to RTEMS?
>    2. Has anyone already done this?
>    3. Any guesstimate about the effort needed to implement this?
> - Charlie
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