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Alexis Lefort alexis.lefort at cxr.fr
Mon Mar 26 16:19:11 UTC 2007

Hi Steven,

Is your patch already included in the shttpd source tree?
Where can we get it if it is not?



Steven Johnson a écrit :
> I just want to clarify this point.
> shttpd does not (without my patch) support <!--#include blah.http--> 
> type server side includes.  With my patch, it does support this as well 
> as <!--#custom <param> --> where custom can be added by an api call to 
> generate http to insert in-line dynamically, rather than come from a 
> #included file. It also support #if/#elif/#endif type logic with my patch.
> shttpd does WITHOUT my patch support the generation of full pages of 
> dynamic http using code.  All my patch allows is dynamic data to be 
> inserted into an otherwise static html file.

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