RTEMS and Google Summer of Code 2007

Pavel Pisa ppisa4lists at pikron.com
Mon Mar 5 20:56:27 UTC 2007

Hello Joel,

On Monday 05 March 2007 13:26, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> > I am convinced still, that uLUt is not so bad replacement
> > of some STL subset for old poor C.
> What's the license?  I am not sold on an implementation yet. :-)

The uLUt license is GPL/LGPL/MPL and I am in position to release
it under other licenses as well. I use RTEMS and GPL+RTEMS
linking exception is fully OK for me. May it be, that hashes
could be better choice for map. But hashes has problem, that you
have to decide has size on beginning or you have to reallocate
and refill hash array when it is too much filled.
On the other hand, I believe, that GAVL or RB-tree are right
choice for timer queues with high resolution.

Best wishes


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