Trouble with "test -x"

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Mar 22 09:52:09 UTC 2007

Alex Zolotov wrote:
> There is a following line "$as_test_x conftest$ac_exeext; then...." in 
> the "checking for RTEMS newlib" section of cpukit/configure file. But my 
> arm-rtems-gcc compiling programs without exec. permission, so "test -x" 
> command returns FALSE and i got Rtems without Newlib :( 

I have also tripped over this one. This is new in autoconf-2.61.

Is this on Cygwin or MinGW ?

If Cygwin please update the bug I have open on the topic stating so:

> How can i solve this?

There is no simple solution I have figured out. I have hacked a local 
copy of autoconf to fix the problem. If you need a patch I can provide 
one but I do not like the patch and it is not a solution. It does 
nothing more than revert the change in autoconf referenced in the bug 

For me the issue is not clear cut. The $ac_exeext variable is not set to 
.exe on Windows for our cross-compilers. Autoconf looks for the default 
output file name and uses that to determine the value for $ac_exeext. 
The RTEMS tools default to a.out. Should we generate a.exe as the 
default on Windows ?

Ralf makes an excellent point in the bug about a cross-compiler needing 
to set the execute bit so the test in autoconf is valid.


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