BSP List Double Check Request

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu May 10 21:05:32 UTC 2007


As most of you probably know, I have some
test scripts I use to build as many configurations
of RTEMS as possible with low human involvement.

My build consists of:
  + multilib on every port multilib
  + every BSP in a configuration that I can
    select for that run
  + documentation
  + a single BSP in 64 combinations of configure flags

I was reviewing and updating the list of BSPs in the
script.  This is the set it builds.  Did I miss any? 

avr     - none
bfin    - eZKit533
arm     - armulator csb336 csb337 edb7312 gba gp32 rtl22xx
h8300   - h8sim
i386    - i386ex pc386 pc386dx pc486 pc586 pc686 pck6 ts_386ex
m68k    - gen68360 gen68360_040 mvme136 mvme147s mvme162
          mvme162lx mvme167 ods68302 sim68000 mcf5206elite
          uC5282 dmv152 gen68302 csb360 simcpu32 mrm332
          av5282 gen68340 mcf5235 idp
mips    - jmr3904 genmongoosev csb350 hurricane rbtx4925 rbtx4938
nios2   - nios2_iss
powerpc - psim score603e mcp750 mvme2100 mvme2307 mpc8260ads ss555
          mvme5500 ep1a pm520_cr825 pm520_ze30 gen405 helas403
          mbx821_001 mbx821_002 mbx821_002b mbx860_1b mbx860_001b
          mbx860_002 mbx860_005b mtx603e brs5l gen5200
sh      - gensh1 gensh2 gensh4 shsim simsh4 simsh7032 simsh7045
sparc   - sis erc32 erc32nfp leon1 leon2 leon3
tic4x   - c3xsim c4xsim
unix    - posix

For those keeping count, that's 83 BSPs and variants, about
a dozen multilibs, and 64 configurations of the single BSP.  :)



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