Boot RTEMS over PowerPC G4

Jean Gabriel Gonzalez jeangabriel at
Fri May 11 21:49:39 UTC 2007

Hello everybody,

We are two French students and we are working in the Satellite and Space
Networking Laboratory of Oklahoma University in United States.

We are actually trying to boot RTEMS over a PowerPC G4 Macintosh.

We have already compile RTEMS for PowerPC under Linux.

Our Linux distribution is Yellow Dog. We have installed it directly on the
PowerPC G4.

We have successfully compile RTEMS and RTEMS tools but now we don't known
what to do with the files.

Yaboot is our boot loader, and we need to know which files is our kernel and
which one is our initrd.

We figure out that Linux need these two files to boot, and that yaboot use
them to launch our Linux PowerPC.


If you know anything that can be helpful for us, we will really appreciate
your help.


Thanks you very much.



Jean Gabriel & Matthieu

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