Xilinx IP core drivers for RTEMS- Keith Robertson still around?

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at embedded-brains.de
Thu May 10 14:47:11 UTC 2007


together with Robert Grimmes I have upgraded the virtex BSP to support
the powerpc "new" exception handling (and cleand up the exception
handling code). Keith, I have also adapted your driver to the new
interrupt interfacing, but did not yet test it.

The BSP will be integrated into rtems-4.8, but I am not yet sure when
this will happen, so at the moment it makes sense to use the current
driver and BSP.

Thanks to all,


Keith Robertson schrieb:
> junercb wrote:
>> Does anyone make TEMAC working?
> I have driver for xilinx temac against 4.6.5.  We've been using it for a
> couple of months with no problems.  We've not yet moved to 4.7.x, but I
> don't see any reason it won't work there.
> It's all licensed under the standard rtems license (GPL + exception).
> I've emailed the source directly junercb as it was too big to attach to
> the list.  If anybody else wishes the source, please let me know.  I
> plan to merge this into the 4.7.x tree when we update, but I can't
> guarantee when that will happen.  Hopefully soon.
> Cheers.
> Keith
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