Pc386 bsp problem

Angelo Fraietta newsgroups at smartcontroller.com.au
Wed May 23 22:39:34 UTC 2007

Thomas Doerfler wrote:
> Stephane,
> using "RTEMS_MINIMUM_STACK_SIZE" for a task doing heavy math might be
> risky. I would expect that your task calls various subroutines, and will
> therefore need much more stack. Try increasing it (take additional
> 64*1024 for a start), maybe you can use the stack checker later on to
> analyze in more detail how much stack your task actually consumes.
> Note that this "RTEMS_MINIMUM_STACK_SIZE" may also be too small for
> other tasks in your system :-)

I found that I always had to increase RTEMS_MINIMUM_STACK_SIZE in some 
tasks in my program because I had a lot of thing happening on the stack.
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