compiling mcf5282 BSPs

Tue Nov 13 13:53:29 UTC 2007


after having installed the mingw toolchain for RTEMS 4.8/m68k and untarring
and running configure on the RTEMS souces, I ran "make all" as
specified by the wiki. 

RTEMS itself compiles fine ( I have librtems*.a libraries in several
directories) but when it then starts to compile the av5282 and uC5282 BSPs,
it complains about a missing sys/termios.h. 

I ran configure with --target=m68k-rtems4.8 --disable-posix
--disable-networking --enable-rtemsbsp="av5282 uC5282"  from the rtems-tools
prompt provided by the toolsinstall.
Adding the --prefix=c:\rtems4.8 (my tools install directory) does not change

Do I need to configure something else in RTEMS or is there an option to
enable/disable for the named BSPs ?

Thanks in advance for any info,

Sven Biebaut

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