CPU Table in 4.9

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com
Mon Nov 26 23:23:53 UTC 2007


I wanted to let everyone know that one of the changes I am
working on for 4.9 is the removal of the CPU Table.  Most
of its contents are not CPU or BSP specific and will be
merged with the regular Configuration Table and configurable
via confdefs.h.  For the few places where the CPU Table
was used to communicate information such as clock speed
to device drivers, this will be moved to dedicated variables
that the BSP is required to provide in order to support
that driver.

This should be invisible to applications and almost completely
invisible to BSPs and drivers.  I will be sweeping this into
the tree a single field at a time and, as always, will try to
be careful.


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