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Tue Nov 27 13:48:30 UTC 2007

To whom it may concern, 

we are using RTEMS 4.5.1 with a selfmade BSP for 
the Coldfire 5272. Now I want to try to build a new 
bsp for the 5282 - using the same RTEMS Version.

I wonder if someone could give me a hint on the 
different interrupt processing of the cpu's: 

Does this affect RTEMS Kernel-Code (or is this 
simply regarding our own ISRs and startupcode to 
be used with the new board support package) ? 

With kind regards, 
Frank Ueberschar
Thomas Volgmann
Redcarstr. 20
53842 Troisdorf

Tel:    02241 23416 16
Fax:    02241 23416 666
email : frank.ueberschar at
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