RTEMS autotools installation on mingw

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Mon Nov 5 22:52:56 UTC 2007

Sven.BIEBAUT at be.thalesgroup.com wrote:
> I installed mingw, msys and msysDTK and proceeded as per the wiki page with
> the RTEMS tools installer(rtems4.8-tools-16.exe). As this development pc is
> not internet connected, I downloaded the packages first on a memory stick
> and installed them from there.

This should be ok.

> The RTEMS installer however complains about "Cannot open
> not-found/etc/fstab. MSYS mount point not added". Apparently this seems only
> to affect the autotools sub package. I tried setting the HOME environment
> variable, but this does not change alot.

This is the second report I have received about this problem. This was with a 
machine that did not have MSYS etc installed before.

The installer was trying to update MSYS's /etc/fstab but it could not find MSYS.

> If I continue and disregard the message it will proceed with the actual
> compiler installation, but in the end complain that it couldn't find mingw.

Was it MinGW or MSYS it said it could not find ?

Where did you install MSYS and MinGW ?

> Is there something that I missed ? Do I need administrator rights or are
> there other environment variables necessary?  

No you have not missed anything and you should not need administrator rights.

I can see an issue in the installer regarding the order it does the MSYS 
detect and MSYS fstab update which I will fix.

I would like to know why the MSYS detect failed.


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