Always network trouble

Lionel TOCZE lionel.tocze at
Wed Nov 21 15:17:38 UTC 2007

Hi Joel,

Are you using JTAG tools for debugging your application. If this is the 
case it may be the cause of your problem.
The JTAG debugger may reset the settings that is correctly done by the 
The network.c file in rtems-4.7.1/c/src/lib/libbsp/arm/csb337/network/ 
does not set the EMAC register in that case.


Rochat Joël wrote:
> En réponse à Ray <xr at> :
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>> Hi, Rochat_Joël  
>> The at91rm9200's mac is store in EMAC register after booting.
>> Your BSP might
>> change it. If the MAC changed after BSP init it, this sounds
>> like a hardware
>> issue.
> Think you,
> Do you think it's an hardware problem ? becaus I have an ubout when I start
> my board and the mac address is correctly set because I'm able to download
> something from a TFTP server, do you think my bsp change those register ? 
> Maybe the udp packet is not correctly build.
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