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Wed Oct 10 12:35:25 UTC 2007

I am trying to get an NFS client running on my system.  I have looked at the
Wiki and README files within the source code but I am still a little
confused on what I need to do.  From what I have gathered, the NFS needs the
"librpc.a" and "libxdr.a" libraries in order to function.  In my rtems build
directory, I see that the librpc.a and libxdr.a libraries are created, but
when I do a "make install" the libraries are not copied to the install
directory.  My first question is:


What do I have to do to the makefiles in order to get the librpc.a and
libxdr.a libraries installed?


I found some references in the README files to initialize the RPC by calling
rtems_rpc_task_init() function.  There is also some reference to the
rtems_rpc_start_portmapper().  I am not sure what calls I need to make.  My
second question is:


What is the procedure to start the NFS client?  What rtems calls are needed?



If there are other things needed in order to get NFS working please let me


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