Cross Roads mfriedrichs at
Tue Oct 23 15:57:06 UTC 2007


I am at a cross road, need some input.

I have used embedded DOS for previous embedded controller projects.  
This time I need something more portable, this could be a X86, Coldfire, 

I'm starting the project using a Pentium III, with a PC104 board mounted 
onto the target board, which has all of my I/O.

User interface via monitor and keyboard.

Datafile transfer via ftp through Ethernet to main computer.

Keyboard interface will be query responses; yes no, stop, start, etc.

How would these interfaces and i/o addressing be handled with RTEMS.  
The adc(s), dac(s), and digital I/O's are addresses through the x86 I/O bus.

The first target board has a floppy interface for loading the program.  
What OS is needed on the target to transfer the RTEMS program from 
floppy to file.  What if I have no floppy, do I burn a flash?????

I will be using a Flash drive instead of the hard drive.

Thanks for your help.


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