Elnk and bsdnet configuration problem

Arquer Stephane stephane.arquer at c-s.cnes.fr
Tue Oct 30 10:09:18 UTC 2007


I'm using a 3c905C nic under Rtems (4.7.1) to send samples. When I try
to send a lot of samples (e.g 1000 samples at 64 Hz) the following
errors occur:
" etherlink: unit elnk1 tx fragments exhausted, truncated packet!"
" etherlink: unit elnk1 tx forced! "
" etherlink: unit elnk1 tx ring full! "
" Still waiting for mbuf cluster "

I changed the bsdnet configuration according to rtems_bsdnet.h file up
	rtems_bsdnet_config.mbuf_bytecount = 256*1024;
	rtems_bsdnet_config.mbuf_cluster_bytecount = 512*1024;
to avoid the " still waiting for mbuf cluster " msg.

Are there other parameters to change ?

Is it possible to change the #define NUM_FRAGS 6 to increase it ?
Is there a nice value ?
Do you have a tip to compile elnk.c alone to avoid a complete bsp
compilation ?

Thanks for your help.


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