3c905 Nic configuration

Stéphane ARQUER stephane.arquer at c-s.fr
Wed Oct 3 09:40:46 UTC 2007

Hello Joel,

Thanks a lot, it's working correctly. To extend the config I tried on
another machine ( a more recent one) but the pcibios file return at the
line 80: "BIOS-32 not found".

I don't know if my motherboard (Intel D975XBX) support BIOS32 ?
In the case of not, Is there another pci driver comparible with these
kind of bios ?



Le 2/10/2007, "Joel Sherrill" <joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com> a écrit:

>Stéphane ARQUER wrote:
>> Effectively I need to configure MAXIMUM_MESSAGE_QUEUES to.
>> Now the driver is attached correctly and there is a problem with the
>> webserver init due to the host adress:
>>    Can't get host adress
>> There is something wrong with the IP adress ??
>That's in the networkconfig.h
>> Is it in webmain.c (198) or in the networkconfig.h file ?
>The hostname in networkconfig.h has to match the
>host name in the rootfs/etc/hosts that is put on the
>> Thanks.
>> Stephane.

Stéphane ARQUER
CSSI - Division Aéronautique, Logiciels Embarqués
email: stephane.arquer at c-s.fr

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