panic error with powerpc/virtex BSP

Pierre Kestener pierre.kestener at
Wed Oct 3 16:05:32 UTC 2007

Thanks to all for your answers.

The problem still remained after applying the patch. But then I noticed 
that the "hello world" application that I was using was from the archive 
release example-
where the Makefile defines


After adding semaphore to the manager list (as it is done in the 
testsuite hello_world), it worked !

Pierre Kestener.

Joel Sherrill a écrit :
> Jukka Pietarinen wrote:
>> Pierre,
>> Pierre Kestener wrote:
>>> I am having problems in running the RTEMS helloworld example on a 
>>> ML405 board (very similar to ML403). I made the FPGA design with the 
>>> Xilinx EDK tool and then modified the xparameters_dflt.h that is in 
>>> the RTEMS BSP with the one generated by EDK.
>>> When running the helloworld, i receive the following output:
>>> opb_intc_init: mask = 0x7
>>> rtems- 405/virtex) PANIC ERROR 5
>>> system stopped, press RESET
>>> I am not sure to what refer the number 5 as a PANIC ERROR. Has 
>>> someone an idea of what could done here ?
>> I think there is a problem with the linkcmds of the virtex BSP in 
>> The linker script defines _end to be at the end of the 
>> .data section whereas I think it should be defined to be at the end 
>> of .bss. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
>> Attached please find diff against a linkcmds I'm using for a Virtex 
>> II Pro board.
> I will commit this to the 4.8 branch and CVS head.  We went through this
> back in August and I proposed a similar patch.  I don't know how it 
> didn't
> get merged.
> --joel

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