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Wed Oct 10 16:54:57 UTC 2007

Kirspel, Kevin wrote:
> I am trying to get an NFS client running on my system. I have looked 
> at the Wiki and README files within the source code but I am still a 
> little confused on what I need to do. From what I have gathered, the 
> NFS needs the “librpc.a” and “libxdr.a” libraries in order to 
> function. In my rtems build directory, I see that the librpc.a and 
> libxdr.a libraries are created, but when I do a “make install” the 
> libraries are not copied to the install directory. My first question is:
> What do I have to do to the makefiles in order to get the librpc.a and 
> libxdr.a libraries installed?
You don't have to do anything. The libraries should be part of librtemscpu.a
> I found some references in the README files to initialize the RPC by 
> calling rtems_rpc_task_init() function. There is also some reference 
> to the rtems_rpc_start_portmapper(). I am not sure what calls I need 
> to make. My second question is:
> What is the procedure to start the NFS client? What rtems calls are 
> needed?
1) You shouldn't have to start the portmapper. That is only needed if 
you run a
RPC server on your rtems box.

2) - setup and initialize networking
- call 'rpcUdpInit()' [ generic multi-threaded RPC-over-UDP client ]
- nfsInit(0,0) [ initializes NFS client on top of RPC-UDP ]
- nfsMount("<server-dotIP-or-name>","<server-export>","<mountpoint>")
[ nfsMount creates the mount point for you if
it doesn't exist yet.

3) If you bother to RTM [ <rtems-src-dir>/README ] you'll find a more
detailed description.

-- Till
> If there are other things needed in order to get NFS working please 
> let me know.
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