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Tue Oct 16 13:12:15 UTC 2007

Juergen Zeller wrote:
> Joel Sherrill schrieb:
>> Juergen Zeller wrote:
>>> Hello Group,
>>> is anyone planing to develop a BSP for Atmel AVR32?
>>> The ATNGW32 description sounds nice for me. What are your impressions?
>> The RTEMS AVR port was started by Ralf.  It is incomplete
>> and he is the best source of its status.  Given that he has
>> at least put the shell of the port in place and there are
>> RPMs you can download, some of the initial work has to be
>> done.
> correct me if I'm wrong. I thought this port was is a try to fit RTEMS 
> into small AVR 8-bit Controllers.
> The AVR32 Controllers are full featured Controllers with MMU Highspeed 
> USB dual Ethernet etc.. Atmel provides a real Linux BSP (2.6.x Kernel) 
> for that. So I would think an interesting platform for RTEMS.
>> My google of "ATNGW32" doesn't turn up anything.  
> Sorry, fingers faster than brain! The exact Name is ATNGW100.
> Here ist the Atmel link of the board:
> http://www.atmel.com/dyn/products/tools_card.asp?tool_id=4102
> This reference design ist avalaible in Germany for less than 100Euro, 
> so an ideal starting point for me.
This looks like a very nice board to run RTEMS on.  Any issues you
have won't be related to the limitations of the hardware with this. :-D

The smallest members of the AVR family present challenges as do
the smallest Coldfire and ARM CPU models.

But this board and CPU model do not appear to have any of the
issues that we bump into on very small CPUs.
> Here the controllers link:
> http://www.atmel.com/dyn/products/product_card.asp?part_id=3903
>> Any
>> 16 or 32 bit CPU with 256K of code/data memory should
>> be a good target to use porting RTEMS.  With that much
>> memory you can run most of the RTEMS tests.  You can field
>> applications with less than that but this is tests we are
>> talking about.
>> Can you provide a link to the CPU model and board you are
>> referring to?
> AVR32AP7000: 
> http://www.atmel.com/dyn/products/product_card.asp?part_id=3903
> ATNGW100: http://www.atmel.com/dyn/products/tools_card.asp?tool_id=4102
The board has LOTS more memory than that and uses U-Boot from
what I read.  You should have plenty of reference code to look at
and as long as you honor the licensing shouldn't have any issues.
I would bet that you can find a start.S and linkcmds with RTEMS
compatible licensing on the net.  Use simple polled IO assuming
U-Boot initialized things and you have a simple BSP able to do hello.
That leaves filling in the gaps in the port (e.g. cpukit/score/avr)
itself but the structure and toolset are already in place so the
groundwork has been taken care of.

Go for it!


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