Substituting IDLE task

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I'm not sure I understood your question. Are you trying to replace the idle
task of the Leon2 BSP?

If so, you can found the body of the idle task on the setvec.c file. 

This is the default idle task implemented on Leon2:


/* LEON specific power-down function */


void _CPU_Thread_Idle_body( void )


  while (1) {

    LEON_REG.Power_Down = LEON_REG.Power_Down;   /* make sure on load
follows store to power-down reg */




If you want, you can change it any way you like, but you have to recompile
RTEMS. A simple "make all install" is sufficient.


Hope this answers your question.



Manuel Coutinho




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is it possible to substitute a task to the default IDLE task in the LEON2

I found the CPU_IDLE_TASK macro that goes in the CPU_Table structure but I
don't know if I need to recompile my BSP if I use it.





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