Correct return values for _Objects_Get_class()?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Wed Oct 24 11:37:10 UTC 2007

Phil Torre wrote:
> I have a question about the _Objects_Get_class() utility function.
> (RTEMS 4.6.0, on powerpc 8xx, custom BSP)
> This comes up during a call to pthread_getspecific().  If called in the
> context of a classic API task, _Objects_Get_class() returns 1.  If
> called from a POSIX thread, it returns 2.  These seem to be in conflict
> with the definition of type Object_APIs, which maps classic to 2 and
> POSIX to 3.  Which one is correct, or is there a subtle "off by one"
> that is supposed to be there?
> The reason I noticed is that when pthread_key_create() is called, it
> allocates an array of key values for each API, and the size of each
> array is taken from the current "maximum" value for that API.  When
> those allocations are made, they look correct.  If I have 50 classic
> tasks configured, I get ((50+1)*4) bytes of workspace allocated and
> pointed to by the_key->Values[2].  It seems that pthread_key_create()
> and pthread_getspecific() are in disagreement about the "class" part
> of the object IDs.
> Does anyone know why that is?
Looks like an off by 1 case.  Both set and get specific
need to subtract 1 from the number returned by
_Objects_Get_API from what I can tell at 6am.

If you are looking at a version that uses _Objects_Get_class
instead of _Objects_Get_API, then that is even more broken.
I see a log that I fixed that much in Nov 2006.


> Thanks much,
> -Phil

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