Correct return values for _Objects_Get_class()?

Phil Torre ptorre at
Wed Oct 24 18:24:24 UTC 2007

On Wed 24-Oct-07 11:17 AM, Joel Sherrill wrote:
>> Phil Torre wrote:
>> Okay, that makes sense.  I will patch our 4.6.0 tree accordingly (and add
>> this to the case for migrating at least to 4.7).
> And remember that incremental versions along a branch are
> supposed to be pain-free and bug fix only.  So stopping
> at 4.6.0 means you missed > one bug fix. :-D
> --joel

Well, I tell a slight fib by identifying our version as 4.6.0.  I've
backported all kinds of patches into our tree since it started out as
4.6.0-pre4.  We tend toward "if it ain't broke, etc...", but it's
clearly time to start considering an upgrade.  (Actually, I'm more
concerned about gcc-4.x than RTEMS itself.  But it sounds like things
are settling down; it's been a while with no strict aliasing bug
discussions. :)


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