how does newlib work with rtmes?

Ray xr at
Wed Oct 31 12:00:55 UTC 2007

What will happen after you linking newlib and ¨Cenable-newlib when compile the gcc? Do you changed gcc config and add t-rtems for msp target?
I think it should be fine to compile gcc with newlib without much change. You may also check newlib\libc\machine\ to see if anything you need to add for MSP. (But I think it is not necessary)
And you have to keep in mind that try not make a new newlib for MSP. It is better to use the newlib(newlib-1.15.0) original version. Make a patch if you need, but do not create a separate newlib for msp. Because it will made it hard to maintain a separate newlibc for MSP. Newlibc full bundle will not add much overhead to the systems because RTEMS only link in the lib/func needed for your app.
BTW, RTEMS can run without libc for minium.exe if you do not include fs.

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Sub:  how does newlib work with rtmes?

>which syscall in the 17 syscall of newlib is used by rtems?
>I am trying to port newlib for a toolchain.
>thanks a lot!
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