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Mon Sep 3 14:50:59 UTC 2007

  Good idea!
  I think we can first realize the initial VM support in RTEMS.
  because there  are already some page support funcs in rtems X86 port.
  then we can try syscall,....

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Subject: Re: design Real-Time Process in RTEMS
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   I have been thinking about it too.
   here is what I think:

   1.  page routine should be created to support page manipulations(
page table operation, TBL, page allocate, set page state ...)
   2.  identify all system call routines
   3.  create entry points and exit points for system call
   4.  adjust context switch ralated routine
   5.  add privilege transition code

   best regards!

2007/8/31, rtems skyeye <skyeye.rtems at gmail.com>:
> hi,
>   VxWorks 6.x have the Real-Time Process (RTP) extension.
>   I think we also can implement the RTP in RTEMS.
>   The Idea is :
>   1 RTP contains 1~n user-level rtems-task, and process the
> virtual memory related things.
>   2 the mapping relation of virtual memory :phyiscal memory is 1:1
>   3 the user-level task in RTP can access kernel function
> by syscall
>   4 the user-level tasks and the kernel-level tasks are in the same
> scheduling strategy.
>   the advantage of RTP is:
>    1 the crash of user-level tasks in RTP can not destroy user-level
> tasks in other RTP and the kernel.
>    2 compatible with the old task model.
>    3 the context switch  is faster than that of general OS (such as linux)
>    anyone have  some advices on RTP in RTEMS?
> Regards
>   skyeye.rtems
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