_Heap_Allocate_aligned return the same address?

阎淼 yanmiaobest at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 08:57:53 UTC 2007


   I am using rtems-4.7.1 on i386-qemu, I called
_Heap_Allocate_aligned  twice, but the return address are the same.
here is my code:

   char buf[4096 * 10];
   #define PAGE_SIZE 4096
   void f()
        Heap_Control the_heap;
        _Heap_Initialize( &the_heap, (void *)buf,  4096 * 10,  CPU_ALIGNMENT);

         void  *p = _Heap_Allocate_aligned( &the_heap, 4096, PAGE_SIZE);
         void  *g = _Heap_Allocate_aligned( &the_heap, 4096, PAGE_SIZE);

         printf("0x%x\n", p );
         printf("0x%x\n", g );

and the output is:


 is somthing wrong here?

  best regards!

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