getifaddrs support for rtems?

Keith Robertson kjrobert at
Wed Sep 12 19:02:07 UTC 2007


indicates this has been asked before, and there appears to be some sort 
of a (AFAIK somewhat involved) work around using the SIOCGIFADDR ioctl.

However, most unixes these days seem to have this function and a few 
related ones (getifaddrs freeifaddrs if_nametoindex if_indextoname 
if_nameindex if_freenameindex).

On linux, these appear to be provided by glibc.  As newlib only provides 
the core libc routines, it understandably doesn't appear to provide 
these.  To improve the clean portability of other applications to rtems, 
I'd like to find a way to implement these.   Where would rtems typically 
obtain such helper routines?  Write them ourselves?  From somewhere in 
the *Bsd sources?  Elsewhere?

Any other suggestions/pointers?



[1] I'm currently endeavouring to port norm (NACK-Oriented Reliable 
Multicast): although 
I've run across other applications that require these functions.

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