RFC: extension of libi2c to support SPI aswell

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at embedded-brains.de
Wed Sep 5 20:00:08 UTC 2007


Robert S. Grimes schrieb:
> It seems this is where I could help, unless you are already working with
> libbsp/powerpc/virtex - if so, I'll step back and let you have at it and
> I can serve as a alpha tester like before.  If you are not working on
> virtex for this, I'd be happy to do that, though I'll need more guidance
> on how to fit it into the RTEMS build system.  Let me know how I can help...

I have no plans now to write dedicated support for the virtex BSP. But I
would happily guide your through the steps.

If I understood you right, the SPI is a specific virtex implementation,
so I would think in this case the whole low-level driver would be
implemented in libbsp/powerpc/virtex/spi.

> Oh, I see - this certainly makes sense.  So these chip drivers would use
> the spi driver as a lower-level facility.  And for example, the Ramtron
> chip driver could provided functions like fram_read(uint32_t offset,
> size_t count, void* buffer) to the user, right?  Cool, I like that, and
> I certainly could work on these, probably more effectively than the spi
> drivers themselves.

Actually it is a normal "RTEMS device" with open/read/write/close/ioctl
semantics. yes.

And, oh no, the virtex SPI driver already is yours ;-)
> Yes.  Originally, I was probably not going to go that far, as I don't
> really need that much sophistication, and my schedule would not allow
> for me to go to that extreme.  On the other hand, with some help, it
> certainly would save me from other problems.  The SD is a bit further
> out (a couple of months) for me, but it's never too late to start
> planning ahead.
> So again, let me know how I can help!
> Best regards,
> -Bob

It's always a pleasure to email with you :-)


>>>Thanks for bringing this up, as I've found the SPI a very convenient
>>>means of interfacing to a wide variety of peripherals, and a suitable
>>>driver is a great addition to RTEMS!!!
>>>Take care,
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