getifaddrs support for rtems?

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Sun Sep 16 04:06:59 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-09-14 at 17:18 +0100, Keith Robertson wrote:
> Joel Sherrill wrote:
> > Keith Robertson wrote:
> >> Hi.
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> indicates this has been asked before, and there appears to be some 
> >> sort of a (AFAIK somewhat involved) work around using the SIOCGIFADDR 
> >> ioctl.
> >>
> >> However, most unixes these days seem to have this function and a few 
> >> related ones (getifaddrs freeifaddrs if_nametoindex if_indextoname 
> >> if_nameindex if_freenameindex).
> >>
> >> On linux, these appear to be provided by glibc.  As newlib only 
> >> provides the core libc routines, it understandably doesn't appear to 
> >> provide these.  To improve the clean portability of other applications 
> >> to rtems, I'd like to find a way to implement these.   Where would 
> >> rtems typically obtain such helper routines?  Write them ourselves?  
> >> From somewhere in the *Bsd sources?  Elsewhere?
> >>
> >>   
> > The BSD sources are always the best starting point.   From there,
> > all I can say is use the opengroup  description and write it yourself.
> Stupid question: the freebsd man pages have entries for getifaddrs and 
> similar, however, I can't find it mentioned anywhere on lxr for freebsd 
> at:  For linux, this makes sense, as it's provided 
> by glibc, however, who would provide this for freebsd?
Their libc - They all are there.

Check out the freebsd source tree from their CVS and you'll find them.

> > If you get them implemented, submit them with a test in netdemos
> > and I will merge them. The netdemos examples on real hardware usually
> > have two interfaces so would be more interesting to test against than
> > just loopback.
> Will do, once I can find some reference material.
if_* etc. are documented by POSIX/SUSv3. Linux also ships man-pages for

getifaddrs and freeifaddrs seem non-standardized. Linux doesn't ship
man-pages on them or can I find them in POSIX/SUSv3


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