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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Tue Apr 1 15:41:13 UTC 2008


I have made a table in our Wiki with some basic
information about the proposals we have so far.
If you are a student, please update it with the
following basic information:

+ 1st/2nd language - If given a choice of multiple
  mentors, we will pick the one who matches your
+ general geographic location - Not too specific.
  State in US, country/region.  Just enough to let
  a mentor know that there you are on the same
  timezone and a face to face meeting MIGHT be

This info will NOT influence project selection.

In the summary column, use the fewest words possible.
XXX BSP, Debian packaging, etc.  Think of short bullets.

I noted two areas where we have noticed duplicate or
overlapping proposals.  We need to work with those
students to figure out what is best to do.  I think
with the proposal period open longer, you could even
pitch a new idea.

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