Interrupt handler for Sparc-Leon2: defreeze cache ?

Julian Muñoz Dominguez jmunoz at
Wed Apr 2 17:31:40 UTC 2008

Dear sirs, madams:

I have set the "freeze caché on interrupt" feature of the Sparc Leon2 Cpu. 

For this to be effective on the CPU performance, following the Leon2 specifications, the interrupt handler must defreeze the caché just before returning to the current task.

I've been crawling the source code, and I only found one access to the register that must be touched ("Caché Control Register"), but that's for another issue. 

It seems also to me that the "user" interrupt functions are not wraped by a function of the operating system, so this operation should be done directly by those functions (and in fact, I don't see for example that the spacewire interrupt function does that). I'm not sure of that... It's quite difficult to affirm this after only some hours ;-)

Could someone help me on this issue ?? How to locate the ISR wraping function ? Is the writing to the "Caché Control Register" masked somewhere else on the on the code??

Best regards, and thank you very much,

Julián Muñoz

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