Summer of Code Kick Off

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Wed Apr 23 22:29:38 UTC 2008


We are now bonding. Do you feel the love? :-D

This is not restricted to Google SOC slot.  Any student
interested in doing a project can join in.  We will
make sure you have a mentor.  It really is about the
involvement and mentoring.  Have fun.

I have set out some initial tasks for everyone who
is participating.  They are at:

One of the projects is to create a page in the
Wiki for your project based upon a template.
I am hoping that by dedicating a Wiki page to each
project, it will help us manage it and track you.

The first tasks/goals are rather basic but need to
be done.  Ask for help as you need it and please get
them out of the way.  The list is a bit flexible so
ask if something doesn't make sense.

If any mentors want to add to that list or the
template for each student project, please edit it. :-D

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