Building difficulties under OSX

Daron Chabot daron.chabot at
Fri Apr 4 00:18:05 UTC 2008

Nigel Spon wrote:
>> /tmp/trial/bin should contain your cross-platform tools 
>> (powerpc-rtems4.8-gcc, powerpc-rtems4.8-ld, etc)
> Is this before I call make, or after? I can't tell if the --prefix 
> option specifies where to find the tools, or where RTEMS will be built. 
> The documentation says its the install-point, but it doesn't say of 
> what. I'll try making it where the tools are and see what happens...

The --prefix option specifies where to install the products of a "make".
Have you added "/tmp/trial/bin" to your PATH ??

Maybe we should back up a few steps...

Exactly what did you do to install binutils,gcc,and newlib ? What
versions were used, etc ?

-- dc

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