configure command line in installed directories?

Kate Feng feng1 at
Wed Apr 16 14:58:04 UTC 2008

Robert S. Grimes wrote:

>Ralf's argument notwithstanding, I agree with Thomas and Joel on this 
Yes, the minimum is to have configure command line in installed
directory (e.g. config.log).

The configure command lines definitely should be logged.

Additionally, it would be wonderful to have a log file generated
automatically to keep track of history of all the configure command
lines for

1) The name and version of the package
2) command lines
3) time and date

This log file could be generated at the same directory as
where -prefix=directory specifies or two level up from where
the package is built.  Thus, if the build directory is gone,
one have a history of the RTEMS configuration.


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